“Thelma & Louise”: A Movie Review

Genres Adventure, Crime, Drama
Starring Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Harvey Keitel, Brad Pitt
Directed by Ridley Scott
IMDB rating 7,5/10
MPAA rating R
Release info 24 May 1991
Duration 2h 10min

A movie about two women that decided to go away for the weekend, end up wanted and on the run from the police for killing a man that attempted to rape one of the women. It stars Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis as the friends headed for Mexico to escape from going to jail. Along the way the meet all kinds of people and the movie shows every type of male ego that women in real life have to put up with on a daily basis.

I first saw this movie when I was a senior in high school and it opened my eyes to a whole new way to deal with the men that come in and out of our lives. Of course, this movie shows the extreme measures that Thelma and Louise took to stick it to the man, but it showed me at the age of 17, that women don’t have to flake out in every situation and that there are some things that we just don’t have to put with. The movie touched on all kinds of issues that women face when it comes to men and some might say that it stereotypes men in general and is not fair to them. Well, Boo- hoo, just because this movie did not show one women running from danger, half dressed in high heels waiting for a man to save her. Just suck it up, boys! Let’s just break down the male characters to see how far off the mark they were. NOT!


“Thelma & Louise”: A Movie Review

The chauvinistic husband of Thelma. All he cared about was his dinner at 5pm and his wife to shut up and listen. That was all she was good for to him. And that is pretty typical of men to treat their wives that way. Still treat women like possessions and that we are just suppose to put up with it.


The cute cowboy that was hitchhiking and has gotten through his adult life by his looks and a charm that is about as fake as the smile. We all have been coned by a guy like this, and we kick ourselves later for falling for a cute ass. The part where she leaves him alone in the hotel room with the money, is the only part that I didn’t like about the movie. But I guess that needed to happen to carry on the plot of the two women trying to get to Mexico.

Truck Driver

This character is alive in every city, big and small. Although, it should not just be limited to truck drivers. This guy is gross, dirty, and vulgar, but for some reason still thinks he is god’s gift to women. And what happens to him and his rig, is what every women secretly wants to do when a man does not get the hint.

The rapist from the bar: This guy started the whole mess, and ends up being the victim. Yet again, another man thinking he is god and that every women is his for that taking. Sometimes they just don’t take no for an answer, and it took a bullet to get it through is thick skull. Hell, has no fury as a women scorned.

Of course there are plenty of movies today that have strong female characters and that is great by me. I still get in awe of seeing these movies and think of my daughter growing up with the option to see the damsel in distress and the women who can kick some tail of her own and be the hero. That’s all we ask for is more to look at then a crying, helpless women that needs a man to save her. My daughter will see that she can do it herself and if she wants to share her life with a man that its just not on his terms. And I hope she has the courage to walk away, if needed, even if all she leaves with is her dignity.

Rajeev Masandhttp://rajeevmasand.com/
Rajeev Masand is an Indian film critic. He works for Noida based English language news channel CNN-Indian Broadcasting Network (CNN-IBN). He usually reviews Bollywood films and major Hollywood films released in India in his weekend show Now Showing. Rajeev Masand was thrice awarded ‘Best Entertainment Critic’ by the National Television (NT) Awards, in 2008, 2010 and 2011. Rajeev is Contributing Editor for GQ India, and writes a monthly column, Talk Movies for the magazine.

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