If you can’t go to the cinema to watch Thor: Ragnarok premiere or can’t buy the paid streaming service subscription then most likely you will look for the opportunity to watch this movie online free on one of the streaming sites with pirated video (like 123Movies, FMovies, Putlocker, and others).

Thor: Ragnarok watch free
Thor: Ragnarok watch free


  • You can watch the movie right after closing the Play button.
  • You can watch in any browser and on any device.
  • You don’t need to download the movie and wait for it to download.
  • You don’t waste much traffic because the movies for watching online are compressed.


  • A big number of potentially malware advertisements on websites with free movies.
  • Low quality of the video, so, the movies are not appropriate for watching on a big screen.
  • Permanent interruptions because of servers overloading.

We have checked more than 50 streaming sites and chosen 3 best ones for watching Thor: Ragnarok online free:

Enter the name of the movie to the search bar. Then go to the movie page and click the big Play button. Don’t pay attention to the advertisements.

Thor: Ragnarok watch free
Play Thor: Ragnarok

If you can’t find this movie on the listed websites then we recommend looking for it in the Bing search engine. It is more loyal to pirate websites. Use the following search requests:

In top-3, you will most likely find one of the 123Movies clones, where you will be able to watch this movie absolutely free without registration.

Thor: Ragnarok Bing
Watch online Thor: Ragnarok links in Bing

Lifehack: we advise never to visit online streaming sites without ad blockers. Sometimes such websites don’t contain the movie itself. There are only advertisements and nothing more.



  • The ability to download in high quality (more than 1080p) for watching on a big screen.
  • The ability to download the versions in different languages and with subtitles.
  • There are no interruptions while watching caused by the low speed of servers return.


  • Big size of the file. Thor: Ragnarok can be more than 4Gb. We recommend downloading big files only through an unlimited connection.
  • Durable downloading if your Internet connection is slow.
  • The necessity to install special software (BitTorrent client).
  • The necessity to get registered on the torrent tracker.

We have checked more than 20 torrent trackers and chosen only 5 of them, where you can download Thor:Ragnarok in good quality for free:

Type “Thor: Ragnarok” to the search bar. Go to the page of this movie seeding and click “Download torrent file” or “Open Magnet link” there.

Thor: Ragnarok 1337x download
Thor: Ragnarok 1337x download page

Take into account that many popular movies seedings contain built-in casino and bookmakers ads. That’s why you need to look for the clean sedding with the “Without ads” note.

Pay your attention to the seeds (SE) number. The bigger this number is the quicker you will download the movie.

Search results Thor: Ragnarok on
Search results Thor: Ragnarok on

Downloading can take some time that depends on:

  • The size of the chosen seeding (the bigger the longer will be the process of downloading).
  • The number of seeds.
  • The speed of your Internet connection.

After the downloading has finished you can start watching.


While trying to open some websites with unlicensed content, you can face the problem that some websites just don’t open. This is because the governments of some countries close access to such websites on the level of Internet providers upon requests of rights holders.


This is not the problem if you are using a VPN, a service that hides your real IP and disguises you as the resident of another country that is more loyal to such websites.

There are plenty of VPN services for PC, iOS, and Android devices. Using them you solve the problem of access to streaming and torrent websites.

Rajeev Masand
Rajeev Masand is an Indian film critic. He works for Noida based English language news channel CNN-Indian Broadcasting Network (CNN-IBN). He usually reviews Bollywood films and major Hollywood films released in India in his weekend show Now Showing. Rajeev Masand was thrice awarded ‘Best Entertainment Critic’ by the National Television (NT) Awards, in 2008, 2010 and 2011. Rajeev is Contributing Editor for GQ India, and writes a monthly column, Talk Movies for the magazine.

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